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Metroparks Toledo is currently in the process of revitalizing a cornerstone of downtown Toledo. Formerly known as the Nautical Mile project, the Glass City Riverwalk (GCR) will transform Toledo’s riverfront – an important regional element –  between the Anthony Wayne Bridge (SR2) and the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway (I-280) on both sides of the Maumee River. This portion of the overall project will address the downtown section including Promenade Park from Swan Creek to the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge, International Park between the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge and the end of the restaurants, and portions of Glass City Metropark. The goal of this project is to create a new community asset that promotes healthy lifestyles, community interaction, and memorable experiences for residents of all ages. More specifically, the GCR project will:


  • Improve / create share-use paths to provide a route free of vehicle conflicts

  • Establish a sense of place by installing new lighting, benches and decorative banners

  • Add new kayak launches and kayak shares for greater paddling access 

  • Integrate urban ecology strategies, such as adding plants and riparian buffers, that improves water quality and manages storm water

  • Add additional public transportation stops and bike shares

  • Installation of transient dock landing at Glass City Metropark to promote additional boat access

Once completed, the project will expand public access to the trail system and riverfront, increase waterfront recreational activities and opportunities for all seasons, improve bike and pedestrian access and amenities for all users, and enhance regional connectivity, consistent with the 2017 Downtown Toledo Master Plan.

The GCR project received funding from the BUILD program, which consists of a $23 million grant from the United States Department of Transportation. Total estimated project cost is approximately $30 million dollars for this section while the Glass City Riverwalk project as a whole is approximately $200 million dollars. The grant administration and overall project management is being conducted by Metroparks Toledo.

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